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10 Old-is-New Features of BBP

September 28, 2020

Picnic Peninsula

People eating at picnic benches at the Picnic Peninsula on a cloudy day.

©Etienne Frossard

Have a helping of environmental friendliness at Picnic Peninsula, where all of the tables and benches are built from salvaged Longleaf Yellow Pine.

Granite Prospect

Couple sitting on granite steps overlooking the promenade and East River at sunset.

© Julienne Schaer

Step right up to the Granite Prospect! Its dramatic steps were forged from materials salvaged from the Roosevelt Island Bridge.

Empire Fulton Ferry

People walking on the pathway away from Jane's Carousel on a cloudy day.

©Julienne Schaer

Drift between then and now at Empire Fulton Ferry, specifically the area around Jane’s Carousel, which is made of granite from the demolished Willis Avenue Bridge.

Pier 1

People sitting on benches on the promenade at night. View of lower Manhattan is seen in the background.

©Julienne Schaer

Peer into the history of Pier 1 – its benches were created using materials from the old Cold Storage Warehouses.

Pier 2

View of Pier 2 from the pathway at night.

©Etienne Frossard

Shed some light on Pier 2’s origins: the frames and coverings for courts on the pier are actually repurposed from old Port Authority sheds.

Granite Terrace

Two small children running up steps next to granite blocks.

©Julienne Schaer

Recycling rocks! And you can see why at the Granite Terrace, which is made of repurposed granite from both the Willis Avenue and Roosevelt Island bridges.

Harbor View Lawn

View of a lawn surrounded by trees.

©Etienne Frossard

Harbor no regrets about visiting Harbor View Lawn, a green, scenic destination sculpted with material from an LIRR excavation.

Pier Signs

Pier 6 sign on a cloudy day

©Julienne Schaer

A sign of the times: the park’s Pier signs occupied this site for 30 years before they were salvaged from the Port Authority and refurbished for the park.

Sound Attenuating Berm

View of people sitting on a lawn with bikes on a cloudy day.

© Etienne Frossard

Hear this! This hill, which provides shelter from the noise of the BQE, is crafted from recycled MTA materials.

Sandbox Village

Children playing in a playground size sandbox on a sunny day.

©Julienne Schaer

Dig into the design of Sandbox Village! Its seating area was built from salvaged wood collected from the Cold Storage Warehouses when they were deconstructed.


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