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Park is Open 7 Days a Week | 6AM - 1AM
Entry is Free!

Pier 28AM - 11PM* Pier 56AM - 11PM* Education Center3-5PM (THU/FRI), 1-5PM (SAT) Pier 6 Volleyball Courts6AM - 11PM Playgroundssunrise-sunset

International Cleaning Week 2024!

March 15, 2024

Brooklyn Bridge Park Celebrates International Cleaning Week 2024!

The custodial work, proper cleaning and disinfecting, is integral in providing confidence that our public spaces and workplaces and are safe and healthy for both employees and park visitors.

The Custodial staff at Brooklyn Bridge Park is 22 people, including six supervisors and one groundskeeper. The majority of staff has worked at the Park for almost 10 years!

How does Brooklyn Bridge Park facilitate a clean environment and support our custodial staff?

  • The Custodial Team attends annual trainings & certifications to learn best practices and industry standards
    • 100% of staff will have completed certifications (ISSA & GBAC) by March 29, 2024!
  • Develop standard operating procedures for cleaning protocols parkwide
    • All park areas are monitored, inspected, and routinely cleaned based on usage, standards, weather and many other factors
  • Monitor air quality inside buildings
    • Administrative buildings always generate a “good reading” for daily indoor air quality tests
  • All cleaning products procured are identified as environmentally preferable products

Custodial Staff

Shout Out the Brooklyn Bridge Park Custodial Team!

Has anyone on staff gone above and beyond to make your experience at the Park extra wonderful? Is there a job that you particularly respect or value? Tell the team how you appreciate their work! We want to hear your positive stories!
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Brooklyn Bridge Park is open every day of the year. All 365 days!

There is no entrance fee into Brooklyn Bridge Park! The Park is FREE to enter every day! All public events are free or low cost.

More than 5 million people visit the Park each year.

Construction of the park began in January 2009.

Brooklyn Bridge Park works in partnership with the Doe Fund for some staffing needs. [cta title="The Doe Fund" link="" align="center" color="night" window="new"]

Demolition on the waterfront began in 2008.

In the early 1900s, it’s likely that more coffee was roasted at the Arbuckle Brothers coffee factory on John Street than in any other building in the world.

Long Leaf Yellow Pine from the demolished Cold Storage Buildings is reused as cladding on park structures and custom-designed park benches.

More than 13,000 timber piles support the piers in the Park.

Over 500 trees are planted on Pier 1.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is governed by a 17-member board of directors appointed by the NYC Mayor on the nomination of the Mayor of the City of New York, the Governor of New York State, and local elected officials.


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