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Keeping Our Lawns Green

August 4, 2016

by Brooklyn Bridge Park on Aug 4, 2016

Brooklyn Bridge Park has some of the greenest lawns in the city, both in color and environmental friendliness! BBP is fortunate enough to have an extensive irrigation system which is essential to keeping our lawns vibrant and green. We use only organic additives and sophisticated machinery to ensure that the lawns are lush and clean. It’s a wonderful luxury to roll around in the grass without concern, jump into an impromptu yoga session, or host a picnic without a blanket. We work hard to cultivate a verdant park and protect our lawns – which means we have to close them occasionally.

Kids running across a lawn on a sunny day.

© Etienne Frossard


Our lawns work hard and we give them a “weekend” off to recover from high use. Two scheduled days off during the week allow the lawns to recuperate and gives BBP staff time to perform maintenance that may be necessary for the next work week. After a heavy rain, the lawns need to be closed since excessive moisture causes soil to compact more rapidly. When the soil compacts, it limits the amount of air and water available to the grass, which can weaken or kill it. Allowing the lawns to rest enables us to provide beautiful lush lawns for the whole year. So next time you see our “lawn closed” signs; know that it is just the lawn taking a much-needed day off.

View of a lawn on a sunny day. Lower Manhattan is seen in the background.

©Etienne Frossard


Dogs are another damaging factor for lawns. We love dogs and welcome all of them to BBP, but we have a policy restricting dogs from the lawns and planted areas because of the damage they do. Bluntly, dog pee kills grass. The nitrates are too much for the grass to absorb and it gets burned. And if dogs are relieving themselves in the same areas where children play and people picnic, the hygiene of the lawn is compromised.

People lying on a lawn on a sunny day. The Brooklyn Bridge is seen in the background.

© Etienne Frossard


We try our hardest to make sure the Park provides the best experience for the most people possible, and we think our effort shows in the quality of our lawns. Next time you’re in the Park, look for our lawn maintenance specialists. They love to talk grass!



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