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Rori Baldari, Journey to the Stars

June 3, 2019

by Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

On select Friday evenings throughout this summer, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy will partner with Amateur Astronomers Association (AAA) of New York to host Journey to the Stars – a free stargazing opportunity for the public. We interviewed Rori Baldari, Vice President of AAA about the program and her experience in the Park:

What do you do when you’re not in the park?

In addition to stargazing, I design promotional graphics for AAA NY. I also work for a company that manufactures flight simulators for the aviation industry.

What is Journey to the Stars?

Journey to the Stars is the name that the Conservancy has given to the stargazing program held in the park and conducted by AAA NY. Members will set up hi-powered telescopes for stargazing sessions that are free and open to the public.

What is special about Journey to the Stars?

The opportunity to show people the Moon, stars, and planets from an urban location.

What has been most meaningful to you about your experience in the park?

Most people don’t realize that celestial objects are visible from the city. Once they look through our telescopes, they are amazed to see the craters on the Moon, Saturn’s rings, or Jupiter’s moons. The Park has wide-open views of the Manhattan skyline, so it’s a good place for the public to view the night sky.

What have you enjoyed most?

Showing people the various celestial objects visible from the waterfront, and answering their questions about astronomy and the universe.

What should interested attendees to know about Journey to the Stars?

People should know that in spite of light pollution, there are many fascinating objects visible in the night sky through a telescope. AAA NY is dedicated to promoting an awareness of astronomy through outreach, lectures and classes.

Woman posing with a large telescope on a sunny day.

© Rori Baldari


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