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Park Hours and Info

Park is Open 7 Days a Week | 6AM - 1AM
Entry is Free!

Pier 28AM - 11PM* Pier 56AM - 11PM* Education Center3-5PM (THU/FRI), 1-5PM (SAT) Pier 6 Volleyball Courts6AM - 11PM Playgroundssunrise-sunset


Find helpful information about getting to Brooklyn Bridge Park and what to do when you are here!

Over 500 trees are planted on Pier 1.

More than 13,000 timber piles support the piers in the Park.

The monarch butterfly is one of the most frequent visitors to the Pier 6 Flower Field. Seen the most often here in late August while on their great annual migration.

Nearly 500 different species have been identified on Pier 6: more than 50 different birds; 200 insects; and more than 200 different plant species.

Timber seating and climbing platforms in the playground are made from reclaimed Long Leaf Yellow pine that was extracted from demolished warehouses on the park site.

Trees, lawns, and shrubs are managed organically

The remaining structural “skeleton” of the extant shed on pier 2 defines play areas and shelter

Construction of the park began in January 2009.

The building at 99 Plymouth Street, now home to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Environmental Education Center, public restrooms, and a community space, was formally a NYC Department of Environmental Protection building

Among the most vibrant plants in the Pier 6 Flower Field is the deep yellow Heliopsis helianthoides, commonly called the False Sunflower or Smooth Oxeye. This native plant can grow to nearly 6ft tall and looks amazing in later summer.

Subway tunnels run under the Piles.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey acquired the piers from the New York Dock Company in 1955.

In 1946, demolition of the 19th-century brick warehouses along Furman Street began as to make way for the cantilevered Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

The topography of the playground was built with 16,000 cubic yards of clean bulk fill salvaged from Long Island Railroad drilling operations for the East Side Access project.



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