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Lazy Daze: The Soul of Yacht Rock


Liberty Lawn


Sunday, June 9, 2024


4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Join for chill Sunday afternoons at Pier 6 Liberty Lawn.

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© Alexa Hoyer


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June 9 @ 4:00 pm 9:00 pm

As part of our new Lazy Daze series, join for a panel discussion moderated by Scott Barkham (artist manager, yacht rock aficionado) with Gary Katz (producer, Steely Dan) and Greg Caz (world renowned DJ), as well as a DJ set dedicated to the enduring legacy of what is now commonly referred to as yacht rock.

Between the years of 1974-1981 the radio title of soft rock was the introductory reference in radio circles. And from those origins, we’ll explore what it REALLY is.  A better term is probably soul rock, also called blue eyed soul, because the genre has a delicate yet natural balance between the worlds of AOR rock radio/AM radio and 70’s R&B.

The significant aspect of this genre within a genre is its position in the vocabulary of crossover and cultural reference, and an undeniably positive and lasting connection across the American racial divide. It was embraced by many, and derided by few, and it dominated the AOR and AM airwaves when radio was king.

The panel discussion will dig deeper into the significance of soft rock in the African American community, peppered with anecdotes and stories about legends like Steely Dan, Michael McDonald/The Doobie Brothers, Kenny Loggins, Hall & Oates and Bobby Caldwell as well as lesser known artists like Ned Doheny, Pages, Player, Ambrosia and The Little River Band, with an additional focus on prominent soul artists who covered this music, often elevating it dramatically.

How did this unique blend of soul and rock manage to appeal to the masses without crying out cultural appropriation? Was this a reaction to the revolution of the 60’s and massive exhaustion post-Watergate? Or an escape (if you like pina coladas…)?

P.S. How and why did yachts get involved in this discussion??

Come with friends, or come alone — Lazy Daze afternoons are an opportunity to relax, lay out, and do not too much of anything, while a rotation of DJ’s do their thing in the background. We’re taking lazy Sundays very seriously, creating moments for good vibes and good people. Bring a picnic blanket – guests are kindly reminded that chairs and dogs are not allowed on the lawn. Food and drink will be available for sale by Fornino. This event is free.

Only adults 21 and over may purchase alcohol, which must be consumed on site. No outside alcohol or glass bottles will be permitted. 

For event updates and announcements, subscribe to our email and socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Also check our Alerts & Event Updates page. Please note this event is subject to change to weather or other extenuating circumstances.

© Alexa Hoyer

© Alexa Hoyer

© Alexa Hoyer

© Alexa Hoyer

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