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Park is Open 7 Days a Week | 6AM - 1AM
Entry is Free!

Pier 28AM - 11PM* Pier 56AM - 11PM* Education Center3-5PM (THU/FRI), 1-5PM (SAT) Pier 6 Volleyball Courts6AM - 11PM Playgroundssunrise-sunset

Pier 1

Pier 1
Pier 1
Pier 1
Pier 1
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© Etienne Frossard

How To Get Here


Parking is limited, so we encourage you to take public transportation. And lucky for you, there are plenty of transportation options.

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Clark Street


High Street or Jay St- MetroTech


Borough Hall


York Street



B25 (at Fulton Ferry Landing), B61 (at Atlantic Avenue and Hicks Street), B63 (on the loop road near Pier 6 in the park), or B67 (at Jay Street and York Street)


Nearby CitiBike stations: Atlantic Ave & Furman St (Pier 6); Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 2; Old Fulton St (Pier 1); Water St & Main St (Main Street)

NYC Ferry

East River route to Dumbo/Fulton Ferry; or South Brooklyn Route to Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6/Atlantic Avenue or DUMBO/Fulton Ferry.

Places to See

Pier 1

When it comes to panoramic views of lower Manhattan, Pier 1 is the place to be. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll, sinking into a good book or looking out at the harbor, this outstanding open space provides scenery to spare.

Pier 1

Steps from the Granite Prospect next to path

© Alexa Hoyer

The Granite Prospect.

© Alexa Hoyer

Peope sitting on benches on the Pier 1 Promenade looking out at the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.
Pier 1 Promenade offers benches for waterfront river viewing.
People sitting on promenade on a sunny day. The Brooklyn Bridge is seen in the background.

© Etienne Frossard

Pier 1 Promenade offers views of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Pile field and salt marsh at Pier 1 on a sunny day with view of Lower Manhattan in distance.

© Alexa Hoyer

Pier 1 Pile Field
Family playing Pier 1 Lawn with Brooklyn Bridge in the distance.

© Etienne Frossard

Views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Pier 1 Lawn.
Pier 1 Lawn with a view of the promenade and lower Manhattan on a sunny day.

© Alexa Hoyer

Pier 1 Lawn with views of lower Manhattan.

© Alexa Hoyer

Trees along Pier 1 pathway with jogger running in the shade on a sunny day

© Alexa Hoyer

Pier 1


Pier 1 is the largest of the park piers and includes large lawns, a playground at the northern edge, a waterfront promenade and a series of tree-lined pathways that provide a varied waterfront experience.

Along the western edge of the pier you’ll find Granite Prospect, a dramatic set of steps built from granite stones salvaged from the Roosevelt Island Bridge reconstruction. Sit here and enjoy the views of the New York Harbor and Lower Manhattan or attend one Brooklyn Bridge Park Conversancy’s events here.

Pier 1 features three magnificent lawns which provide a great open space for taking in the sun, enjoying the views or having a picnic with friends. These lawns are often the location for many of the park’s free events and public art installations.

The Salt Marsh at the southern edge of Pier 1 is planted with native plant life and nestled within a salvaged granite seating area.

The water gardens at Pier 1 create a dramatic display of water-loving plants along the main park promenade, including pussy willow and serviceberry, rose mallow and a variety of irises and ferns. In addition to the value they bring to the park experience, these gardens are the visible component of the rainwater collection that is one of many ecologically positive site systems that support Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Over 500 trees are planted on Pier 1.

Pier 1 is 9.5 acres, the largest of the park piers.

Pier 1 is the highest point in the Park, the peak is at 20ft.

Pier 1 is the only pier that is built on landfill rather than on pile-supported structure, which allows for unlimited weight restrictions and the creation of large hills.

Granite Prospect is a dramatic set of steps built from over 300 pieces (approximately 2000 linear feet) of granite stones salvaged from the Roosevelt Island Bridge reconstruction.

The first section of the Park opened was Pier 1 in March, 2010.

On Pier 1, approximately 18,000 cubic yards of manufactured soil was used for the landscape. Beneath this soil lies 40,000 cubic yards of clean bulk fill, salvaged from Long Island Railroad drilling operations for the East Side Access project.

Pier 1 in the busiest entrance into the Park.

The Pier 1 storm water containment tank has a capacity of over 100,000 gallons. The water is re-used for 70% of the park’s irrigation needs.


Pier 1 Entrance Construction


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